Petroleum coke, also known as petcoke, is a versatile and cost-effective source of energy and high-quality carbon. It is produced from the residual crude oil left over from oil refining, specifically in delayed coking units.

The quality of petroleum coke varies depending on its chemical properties, including sulfur, ash, and metal content, as well as its physical properties, such as structure, hardness, and size. Importantly, the quality of the petcoke produced at each refinery is heavily influenced by the specific feedstock used, primarily the type of crude oil that was distilled into vacuum residue in the vacuum column.

Petroleum coke has several classifications, with the most relevant referring to its main downstream applications or industries. At DYM Resources, we categorize petcoke into the following types:

  1. Anode-grade petcoke, which is used for the production of anodes for aluminum smelters.
  2. Fuel-grade petcoke, a solid fuel used in cement, glass, metallurgical, and other industries that require an inexpensive and efficient source of energy or carbon.
  3. Specialty cokes, unique quality materials that are either specifically produced or specially treated. These cokes are supplied in tailor-made supply chain solutions.

Clients choose DYM Resources for their petcoke needs not just for the quality of our products, but also for our ability to deliver volume. Leveraging our expansive logistics network, we can export large quantities of petcoke across the eastern continents. Furthermore, we offer specific product adjustments based on a client’s specification, particularly in the calcined petcoke market. Our extensive research and market intelligence in this field are key to our success.

  • Petroleum coke

    Fuel grade

    Fuel grade green petroleum coke

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  • Petroleum coke

    Anode grade

    Anode grade green and calcined petroleum coke

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  • Petroleum coke

    Specialty cokes

    Specialty grades green and calcined petroleum coke

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