Residual crude oil left over from oil refining can be further processed to produce petroleum coke (also called petcoke) in delayed coking units. Petcoke is a versatile, cost-effective source of energy and high-quality carbon.

Petroleum cokes are carbonaceous materials; the level of carbon content is 92-95% (mass.). Depending on the quality of raw materials, they can contain 2-7% of hydrogen, 1-7% (mass.) of sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen. Petrol coke also contains other chemical elements, namely metals and non-metals, such as vanadium, ferrum, nickel, sodium, and others that comprise inorganic parts and increase the ash content of the coke, which is undesirable.

Petroleum coke is a solid porous product produced by coking petroleum feedstock at a temperature of 450-520°C. The feedstock is oil residues, such as tars, semi-tars, cracking residues, heavy catalytic cracking gas oils, pyrolysis resins, residues of oil production (asphalts, extracts). Depending on the types of petroleum coke, product color ranges from dark grey to black shades.

Where is Petcoke used?

  • aluminum industry, where petcoke serves as a reducing agent (anode mass) when smelting aluminum from aluminum ores (bauxite). The specific consumption of coke is 550-600 kg/t of aluminum;
  • raw materials for the manufacture of electrodes used in steel-making furnaces;
  • carbides (calcium, silicon) production, which is used in the production of acetylene;
  • the production of grinding materials;
  • the manufacture of conductors, refractories, etc.;
  • sulfur and high-sulfur cokes are used as reducing agents and sulfiding agents;
  • special grades of pet coke are used as a structural material for the manufacture of chemical equipment operating in corrosive environments, in rocket technology, etc.

Where to Order?

Clients come to DYM Resources for petcoke because we can deliver volume at a reasonable pet coke price. With our logistics network, we are able to export large quantities of the product across the eastern continents. We are also able to provide specific product adjustments based on a client’s specification, specifically in the calcined petcoke market. Our research and intelligence in this expansive market are key to our success.

DYM Resources delivers petroleum coke to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Europe and other places all over the world.

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