Base oil is an oil product and it is used to produce a wide range of lubricating products, from motor and industrial oils to greases and emulsions. Base oils are also used in jellies, agricultural sprays, and cosmetics.

Base oils are usually divided in five Groups depending on their feedstocks and production process. DYM specializes in Group I (mineral base oil), Group II (semi-synthetic base oil) and Group III (synthetic base oil) as well as Group IV base oils or PAO (Poly-alpha-olefins), Group V base oils including esters and napthenic base oils.

DYM Resources has long-term relationships works with selected base oil refineries in more than 15 countries, specifically in Russia, European Union, Central Asia, Middle East, South Korea and other countries. We supply base oils for lubricants (such as motor oils or industrial greases) to a range of clients across Europe, the Middle East, and central Africa.

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