Petcoke is widely used as solid fuel in cement, glass, and other industries. This type of fuel has significant advantages compared to traditional solid fuels such as coal:

  • High calorific value per weight unit (for petcoke – 7.500 kcal/kg Minimum)
  • Low ash

This type of fuel can be used as mono-product or in mixes with other sources of carbon.

DYM Resources is buying fuel grade in bulk and selling it worldwide. Our geography covers Europe, China, Turkey, India, CIS countries, and many other countries worldwide.

Fuel grade petroleum coke Specification

Ash content, % Max1.0
Volatile matter, % Max12.0
Sulphur content, % Max5.0
Moisture content1, % Max (for moisture adjustment)8.0
Size of matters less than 8 mm, % Max90
NCV, kcal/kg ARB, Min7.500
HGI, Min50
PDFFuel grade petcoke

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