Fuel grade petroleum coke

Fuel grade petroleum coke

Fuel-grade petroleum coke, or petcoke, is a high-energy, solid fuel that is extensively utilized in cement, glass, metallurgical, and various other industries. As a versatile source of energy, petcoke has a remarkable edge over traditional solid fuels like coal. With a minimum calorific value of 7,500 kcal/kg and low ash content, it provides a highly efficient and cleaner energy source. Whether used solely or blended with other carbon sources, petcoke ensures optimal fuel utilization.

Playing a pivotal role in the economy, petcoke is the go-to fuel for many cement plants worldwide. Its use, either alone or in blends, enables the economical production of clinker. This affordability, combined with its high energy output, makes petcoke a preferred choice in cement manufacturing.

Typically, fuel-grade petcoke is a soft sponge coke with a sulfur content above 5%. Despite this relatively high sulfur content, its low ash attribute ensures the maximum level of heat production, making it an efficient fuel source.

In addition to its energy efficiency, petcoke is also highly practical from a logistics standpoint. It can be easily shipped and stored without any special requirements. Whether it’s transported via sea vessel, river barges, or railway wagons, or stored in an open terminal, petcoke maintains its quality and effectiveness.

At DYM Resources, we are committed to providing high-quality fuel-grade petcoke to our clients worldwide. Our reach spans Europe, China, Turkey, India, and many other countries. We offer flexible delivery options, supplying solid fuels petcoke from our stocks or shipping it directly from the refinery to the client’s site via any mode of transport. This comprehensive approach to sourcing and distribution reflects our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs with efficiency and reliability.

Fuel grade petroleum coke typical Specification

Parameters Value
Ash content, % Max 1.0
Volatile matter, % Max 12.0
Sulphur content, % Max 5.0
Moisture content1, % Max (for moisture adjustment) 8.0
Size of matters less than 8 mm, % Max 90
NCV, kcal/kg ARB, Min 7.500
HGI, Min 50


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