Anode grade petroleum coke

Anode grade petroleum coke

Anode-grade petroleum coke plays a crucial role in the production of carbon anodes for aluminum industry. These anodes are essential components in primary aluminum manufacturing, which requires up to 0.5 tons of carbon per ton of aluminum. Anode-grade petcoke, both green and calcined, serves as one of the two primary components in this process.

When we refer to anode-grade petcoke, we specifically mean green and calcined petroleum coke used in anode production. Green petroleum coke undergoes a crucial process known as calcination before it can be used to produce anodes. Calcination is a heat treatment process carried out in kilns, during which the petcoke loses volatile matter and moisture.

Producing anodes involves the binding of calcined petroleum coke by coal tar pitch, which requires the petcoke to be of the sponge coke variety exclusively. Shot coke is not suitable for this process. Typically, anode-grade petcoke is a calcinable green petcoke with around 3% sulfur, low ash, and minimal metal content, including vanadium, iron, silicon, and others.

While anode-grade petcoke is straightforward to ship and store, it is highly sensitive to contamination. Both green and calcined petcoke necessitate specialized storage conditions to maintain their quality. In particular, calcined petcoke must be stored in a closed warehouse to prevent any moisture increase, which could negatively impact its performance.

At DYM Resources, we deliver anode-grade petcoke tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, from extra low-sulfur (S < 1%) to low-sulfur (1% < S <2%) and mid-sulfur (2% < S <3%). We ensure the supply of petcoke either from our stocks or shipped directly from the refinery to the client’s site, utilizing any mode of transport, be it river barges, sea vessels, or railway wagons. Our comprehensive and flexible approach reflects our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs reliably and efficiently.


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