DS 600

DS 600

D Synol is a synthetic oil with an ethylene-propylene polymer structure developed by DL Chemical using metallocene catalyst technology and process know-how

D Synol advantages: 

  • Varying levels of molecular weight and viscosity
  • Colorless (water-white) and non-toxic
  • Chemically stable and resistant to oxidation under light or heat
  • Free of additives and low in impurities (sulfur, metals, etc.)
  • High viscosity index and shear stability
  • Excellent thickening power

DS 600  – High-quality synthetic oil used in Viscosity Modifier, Industrial Lubricant

Typical Properties Unit Test Method Specification Typical Value
Colour (APHA) ASTM
Max 20 10
Kinematic Viscosity (100*C) cSt ASTM D445 540-660 600
Kinematic Viscosity (40 C) cSt ASTM D445 Report 9850
Flash Point (COC) ֯°C ASTM D92 Min 280 295
Pour point ֯°C ASTM
Max -10 -11
Specific Gravity at 15/4 *C D4052 Report 0,85
Total Acid Number mgKOH/g ASTM D974 Max 0.1 < 0,01
Water Wt-ppm ASTM D664 Max 40 < 30
  • Water-White Color (Clear Transparent Liquid)
  • Excellent Thickening Efficiency
  • Excellent Stability of Oxidant
  • Superior Shear Stability
  • Low Pour Points & Superior Viscosity Index(VI)
  • Superior Seal Compatibility
  • Non-Staining Characteristics (non-corrosive)
  • Excellent Electrical Insulating Properties
  • No Residue
  • Non Odor & Non-Toxi
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