D Synol

D Synol

D.SYNOL is liquid polymer that expertly crafted through the selective polymerization of ethylene and propylene using innovative metallocene catalysts. This results in a high-quality synthetic oil renowned for its exceptional properties.

Key Features:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency & Durability: The product significantly boosts energy efficiency and durability, attributed to its high viscosity index and excellent resistance to low temperatures and heat/oxidation.

Superior Lubricant Performance: D.SYNOL elevates lubricant effectiveness. It remarkably enhances shear stability and viscosity index, leading to optimal performance.

Eco-friendly and Safe: Committed to sustainability and safety, D.SYNOL is REACH and NSF certified (H-1, HX-1), ensuring it’s environmentally benign and non-toxic.

LuSC Listed: Our additives proudly meet the criteria for LuSC listing, enabling their use in lubricants that qualify for Ecolabel certification.

  • D.SYNOL is versatile and ideal for a variety of utilization, including:
  • Automotive Gear Oil
  • Industrial Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Grease
  • Rubber & Elastomer Process Oil
  • Cable Jelly

Discover the transformative impact of D.SYNOL in enhancing the performance and sustainability of your products

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