DETA (Diethylenetriamine)

DETA (Diethylenetriamine)

Diethylenetriamine, often abbreviated as DETA, is a chemical compound with a relatively low molecular weight. It contains two primary nitrogen atoms and one secondary nitrogen atom. This substance is clear, colorless, possesses an odor reminiscent of ammonia and is a single-component product.

Diethylenetriamine has a wide range of applications:

Among main DETA features are: minimal vapor pressure, high viscosity, reduced environmental harm, resilient under adverse conditions. DETA functions as a concrete anti-shrinking agent, effectively reducing surface tension and minimizing shrinkage and cracking as water naturally evaporates from concrete mixtures.

Since Diethylenetriamine`s transportation can be quite tricky, DYM Resources offers shipping with iso-tanks to comply with safety standarts and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

DETA has the HS Code 2921 29 00 90 

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