Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is a sustainable raw material made of food industry by-products. It is also known as waste cooking oil, beacause it refers to edible oils and fats’ leftovers used for cooking or frying in food industry, restaurants, and households, etc.

UCO can be reused in a few different applications, such as soap making, lamp oil, animal feed and biodiesel. DYM Resources is concentrated on supplying used cooking oil to biodiesel enterprises. Such biodiesel products as UCOME and HVO comply with nowadays green energy standards like European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED), which covers GHG emissions, biodiversity, and carbon sto ck, as well as global sustainability certification system ISCC.

Quality and sustainability of the product are key aspects of our business. That’s why DYM Resources always carefully checks all supply chains and sub-suppliers. Product quality is thoroughly controlled by qualified laboratory to meet our partners enquiries.


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