Process Oils

Process Oils
Process Oils Overview

Process oils are essential for many industries, including chemical production and manufacturing. They are a key component in numerous final products. Process oils originate from naphthenic, paraffinic and synthetic base oils, encompassing a broad spectrum of viscosity and solvency characteristics.

Process oils Applications

Process oils are versatile enough to support various industrial applications including fertilizers, printing inks, leather treatments, carrier oils, and antifoam agents, and are essential in the manufacturing of automotive components, chemicals like paints and coatings, metal works, battery separators and construction explosives.

Process Oils Key Features
  • Enhanced Workability: Process oils significantly improve elastomer workability, proving invaluable in calendaring, extrusion, and molding
  • Improved Dispersion: These oils aid in the even dispersion and homogenization of pigments, additives, and carbon black, which ensures consistent quality and performance.
  • Stability and Resistance: Renowned for their exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance, process oils also offer low volatility and superior anti-stain properties.
  • Machining Applications: Ideal for less intensive metal machining tasks, they facilitate smooth operations without leaving heavy residues.
How to Buy Process Oils?

DYM Resources delivers process oils that are carefully formulated to be compatible with a wide array of ingredients. This ensures they meet the critical performance characteristics required for top-tier industrial products. Suitable for various chemical industries, our process oils guarantee reliability and operational efficiency.

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