I-20A Specification

Kinematic iscosity @ 40 C, mm2/cGOST 3325-3527,61
Acid value, mg KOH/1 g oilGOST113620,030,02
Ash content, %GOST14610,0050,004
Mass fraction of sulphur, %GOST519471,31,18
Sediment contentGOST6370nonenone
Water contentGOST2477tracestraces
Density @ 20 C, kg/m3GOST3900890882,8
Pour point, CGOST20287-15-15
Flash point in an open cup, CGOST18136180201
Oxidating stability: acidification, mg KOH/1 g of oilGOST 18136 with an addition 5.2 TU 0253043- 48120848-20050,300,10
Oxidating stability: resin growth, %GOST 15886 with an addition 5.3 TU 0253043- 48120848-20053,01,54
Solvent content in selective cleaning oilsGOST P 52532nonenone
Auto-ignition temperature, CGOST 12.1.044343

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