4 cSt (VHVI-4 base oil)

4 cSt (VHVI-4 base oil)

Group III 4 cSt or VHVI-4 base oil is used for producing high-quality engine oils. Base Oil VHVI-4 is produced by hydroskimming unconverted oil at high pressure and is characterized by a high viscosity index, good cold flow properties, ultra-low sulfur content, low aromatic hydrocarbon content, and low vaporability.

Range of application

VHVI-4 base oil is used as a base for producing industrial, hydraulic, and engine oils, as well as drill fluids, and other agents. It neither freezes nor clouds up at low temperatures.

To transport VHVI-4 base oil, trucks, flexi-containers, and rail tank cars are used. For Base Oils VHVI-4 specifications, feel free to contact us – our sales department will help you choose a product for your specific application.

VHVI-4 advantages

  • A low pour point ensures high oil pumpability, quick starting at subfreezing temperature, which makes them usable in a variety of climatic conditions;
  • Thermal oxidation stability reduces the oil oxidation at high engine temperatures and scale deposition;
  • Low vaporability reduces oil refilling frequency;
  • Duration running of the oil in harsh operating conditions (the service life is 1.5-2 times longer compared to mineral oils);
  • Compatible with mineral oils and ethers.

DYM Resources is buying Base Oil 4cSt Group III in bulk and selling it worldwide. Our geography covers Europe, Latin America, Africa – we’re delivering the product to USA, Germany, South Africa, China, Turkey, Argentina, Vietnam, Colombia and many other countries worldwide.

To choose a particular product for your application or find out VHVI-4 base oil price please contact our sales department: info@dymresources.com

Base Oil 4cSt (VHVI-4) Group III Specification

Parameters Test Method Units Guaranteed Typical
Appearance Visual C&B C&B
Color ASTM ASTM D 1500 Max 0,5 L0,5
Kinematic viscosity at 50 °C ASTM D 445 mm2/s 14,12
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C ASTM D 445 mm2/s 3,9 – 4,6 4,3
Viscosity index ASTM D 2270 Min 125 130
Pour point ASTM D 97 °C Max -15 -18
Flash point OC ASTM D 92 °C Min 210 230
Sulfur ASTM D 4294 ppm Max 10 0,3
Density at 15°C ASTM D 4052 kg/m3 827
NOACK ASM D 5800 wt% Max 15 13

FAQ for VHVI-4

Base Oil 4cSt (VHVI-4) is the base oil produced by hydroskimming unconverted oil at high pressure.
Base Oil 4cSt (VHVI-4) is used as a compounding material for high-quality engine oils. It features a high viscosity index, decent cold flow properties, extremely low content of sulfur, low content of aromatic hydrocarbons, and low vaporability properties.
Base Oil 4cSt (VHVI-4) is used for producing industrial, hydraulic, and engine oils, drill fluids, and other agents.
Group III 4 cSt or VHVI-4 prices are published weekly by pricing agencies global Argus and ICIS in Europe, USA and Asia. To get the cost of VHVI-4 to your destination port you need to send a request so that our commercial team updates the actual freight cost from one of our storages.
Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approval is a set of requirements that base oil producers should meet in order to provide the end user with a specific product for a certain application. OEM approval requires testing and certification.
To order Base Oil 4cSt (VHVI-4), please contact our sales department that will help you select a product suitable for your specific application.

VHVI-4 Specifications

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