Due to constant friction, all functioning mechanisms and parts require lubrication. This is the main sphere of application of products manufactured from base oils. Such oils are used for the production of metal processing fluids, lubricating greases, and motor oils.

Here, the thing is that various Base Oils Group 2 have diverse compositions and, subsequently, differ in properties. For base oils, the viscosity of liquid at various operating conditions and temperatures is a crucial property. Thus, depending on the characteristics of each particular sort of oil, users determine whether it is suitable for certain operating conditions. For instance, the concentration of base oil molecules and the ease of their extraction determine whether it is possible to make base oil from crude material.

70N Base Oil is listed to the Group 2 and is distinguished by the following properties:

  • • Paraffinic oil;
  • • High purity;
  • • Low viscosity.

It is produced as a result of high-dewaxing and high-pressure hydrocracking. Virtually all impurities (such as sulphur, metal debris, nitrogen) are removed from raw material during this process.

How are Base Oils Produced?

To produce Base Oils Group 2, manufacturers refine crude oil, which means that the liquid is heated to separate diverse distillates from each other. During this process, producers can separate heavy and light hydrocarbons and use them for different purposes further. For example, light distillates are designed for fuel and petrol manufacturing, while heavy hydrocarbons are used for the production of bitumen and base oils.

Then, additives and chemical substances are added to heavy ones to meet the requirements of particular end products. For example, different friction properties.

70N Base Oil is transported in tankers and designed for industrial usage.

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Base Oil 70N Specification

Color ASTMASTM D 1500Max 1,0L0,5
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °CASTM D 445mm2/sMax 129
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °CASTM D 445mm2/sMax 2,62,5
Viscosity indexASTM D 2270Min 100106
Pour pointASTM D 97°CMax -45-48
Flash point closed cupISO 2719°CMin 135181
SulfurASTM D 2622mg/kgMax 10<3,00
Density at 15°CASTM D 4052kg/m3825


What is 70N Base Oil?
It is a low-viscosity, high-purity, paraffinic oil used in the heavy industry.

What is 70N Base Oil for?
This sort of base oil is designed for industrial application. It is used for lubricating metal parts that are subject to constant friction.

What is the chemical composition of the 70N Base Oil?
The sort of basic oils is produced by extracting heavy distillates from crude oil. High-dewaxing and high-pressure hydrocracking processes allow removing virtually all impurities from the liquid. Then, chemical additives and substances are added to satisfy particular requirements depending on the sphere of usage.

How to order 70N Base Oil?
To order 70N Base Oil, please contact our sales department that will help you select a product suitable for your specific application.


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