Base Oils Group II

Base Oils Group II

Group 2 base oil is a mineral base oil made of petroleum crude oil through hydrocracking process. It has lower viscosity, lower sulfur content (above 0.03%), and a higher saturation (more than 90% saturates). Base oils group II are purer and have clear water-white colours. The viscosity index of this grade is normally more than 100.

Group II base oils are used in different lubricant applications – most lubricants can be made from them.
Base oils group II have better antioxidation properties and a clearer color than Group I base oils. Nowadays Group II is used more often than other grades.

DYM Resources delivers Group II base oils in trucks, flexi-containers and rail tank cars. You can contact us to receive group 2 base oil specifications – our sales department will help you to choose the product for your particular application.

DYM Resources is buying base oils group 2 in bulk and selling it worldwide. Our geography covers Europe, Latin America, Africa – we’re delivering the product to USA, China, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Europe and other places all over the world.

DYM Resources delivers group II base oil to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and other places all over the world.

To choose a particular product for your application and get your group 2 base oil price please contact our sales department:

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