BS-150 Base Oil

Base Oil BS-150 stands as a premium choice within the Grade I base oil category, boasting specifications at the higher echelon. This category of base oils, commonly referred to as Brightstock, features high-viscosity oils. Their production is a specialized process carried out in Group I base oil refineries. The production involves a series of steps including atmospheric and vacuum distillation, the extraction and dewaxing of solvents from residual oils, culminating with hydro finishing to achieve the desired quality.

Brightstock is characterized by its substantial viscosity, registering between 28.0-33.5 cSt at 100°C, and 461-597 cSt at 40°C. This unique property sets BS 150 from others. Only a select few refineries  can produce base oils with a viscosity at 100°C exceeding 20 cSt, resulting in heightened demand for Brightstock.

Its applications are widespread, finding utility in

  • Engine oils,
  • Transmission fluids,
  • Gear oils,
  • Metalworking fluids,
  • Greases,
  • Hydraulic oils,
  • Transformer oils.

Packaging options for BS-150 base oils are diverse, accommodating various transportation and storage needs. Available packaging includes flexi-containers, iso-tanks, IBCs in 20-feet containers or bulk vessels for international shipping, and trucks for distribution within Europe.

Additionally, for colder climates, the use of iso-tanks equipped with heating is recommended to maintain the oil’s fluidity.

Sourced primarily from the European Union and Central Asia, BS-150 base oil is notable for its safety, classified as non-hazardous with a CAS Number of 64742-54-7 and an EC Number of 265-157-1.

DYM Resources has established itself as a key player in the procurement and global distribution of Brightstock base oils. Our reach spans continents, delivering bright stock to markets in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, including destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Vietnam, China, among others.

For those interested in selecting the most suitable BS150  for their specific needs or inquiring about Brightstock base oils pricing, our sales team is readily available for consultation via email at


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