Base Oil Trader

Base Oil Trader or also know as a reseller in this chain usually performs its usual function – buying and thereafter selling. When a client may need a large volume of product, the trader has to gather the order from several refineries. Base oils trader can operate without geographical specialisation and even without the storage unlike the distributor. Trade usually is more flexibly in terms of which product they supply and to which destination they sell.

DYM Resources is acting as a base oils trader since 2016 and we help both producers and end-users to keep the product flow. When market is in deficit of base oils we find needed product, when market is oversupplied with base oils we find outlets to move the product away.

When trading base oil or other commodities, the two major points are, as with many commodities, supply and demand. DYM Resources is a reliable Group I, II, III and PAO supplier, our services:

  • Logistics Management (timely delivery is crucial)
  • Financing
  • Price risk control
  • Quality risk control
  • Technical advice
  • Sourcing (finding the right product worldwide)
  • Marketing (selling your product worldwide)

Also one of most important obligation for base oils trader or supplier is to ensure total compliance with all federal regulations and local bank requirements. DYM Resources is always aiming for flexible financial solutions to help our clients save time and money.

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