Base Oil Manufacturer

Base Oil Manufacturer

Base oil manufacturer or also known as a base oils producer is usually is it a refinery that makes base oils. The refiner operates base oil units which process raw materials such as VGO or heavy hydrocracker bottoms to make virgin base oils of Group I, II, III, IV or V.

Base oils producer or base oils manufacturer usually sells to limited number of off-takers in limited variety of packing as they need to keep the product flow and lift large volume so often refinery sells to traders, distributors or so wholesalers that those manages supply channels to delivery product to end-users. Refinery usually has not time and resources to manage complex logistics, packing or provide flexible payment terms.

Sometimes producer can perform as supplier to big customer. Severy manufacturers have inhouse build supply-chain departments who act as a defacto distributors.

DYM Resources is a German-based company which works with 40+ refineries in the world and provide product directly from the producers: base oil, PAOs, PIBs, petroleum coke, oil products and different chemicals.

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