Russian base oil exports dropped by 11% in November

Base oil exports in Russia dropped for the first time since August. In November 2021 Russia exported 102’000 tons of base oils which is 11% less than in the previous month. It is still the highest November base oil export volume since at least November 2015. This year seasonal river exports break started one month earlier than usual which might have affected this drop.  

Having grown by 49% in October, base oil exports from Riga decreased by 32% in November almost reaching the September figure. Overall Baltics exports fell by 17%.  

Black sea base oil exports have more than doubled – from 9’000 tons in October to 21’000 tons in November. This is the biggest volume since March this year and the highest November figure since 2016.  

Lukoil rail exports from Volgograd almost doubled in November – they reached 21’000 tons comparing to 11’000 tons in the previous month.  

Base oil exports to Latvia decreased almost twice back to September volumes.  

Russian domestic base oil supplies fell by 6% from 123’000 tons in October to 116’000 tons in November.  

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