Russia’s Petroleum Coke Exports Hit 130,000 Tons in 2015

Russia exported about 130,000 tons of petroleum coke in 2015, according to market information compiled by DYM Resources. Eight refineries produce petroleum coke in Russia, but only six of them participated in petroleum coke exports in 2015.

Lukoil dominated the field, controlling 95 percent of total Russian petroleum coke exports. Lukoil’s Perm refinery is the largest producer, accounting for about 80 percent of total Russian petroleum coke exports. The refinery loaded exports through ports on the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, as well as through border crossings with Latvia and China.

The main destinations for Russian petroleum coke exports were Kazakhstan, India, Belarus, Ukraine, China and the U.K.

Russia green petcoke exports, 2015

Volgograd and Angarsk (Rosneft) refineries produce petroleum coke with a sulphur content below 1.5 percent, which is suitable for anode production. The third Russian plant that also produces low-sulphur petcoke is Omsk refinery (Gazprom Neft), which didn’t export in 2015.

“We expect further growth of mid-sulphur petcoke exports in 2016 due to ongoing refinery modernization projects in Russia,” DYM Resources trader Yury Burenko said.

DYM Resources is a petroleum coke and carbon trader focused on the Russian, European and Central Asian markets.

Source: DYM Resources