DYM Resources restarts bulk petcoke loadings in the Black Sea

11.11.2021 Petroleum coke
DYM Resources restarts bulk petcoke loadings in the Black Sea

Trading company DYM Resources GmbH has restarted bulk loadings of green petroleum coke from a Russian port Yeisk in June 2020 and is planning to continue regular loadings in July and August, the company says.

Port facilities allow to load up to 4500 tons of petroleum coke.

“With an active demand from Turkey and other countries in the Black Sea region we are happy to be back in the market with fuel grade petroleum coke” – Yury Burenco, director of DYM Resources comments.

Russian petroleum coke is used by cement plants as a better alternative to steam coal and lignite due to higher calorific value.

Back in 2016 DYM Resources was one of the first companies that supplied Russian origin petcoke to the Turkish market after tax maneuver decreased export duty for petcoke. Since then the market reshaped significantly, new Delayed Coker Units (DCU) were started in the region, as well as fuel mixes changed at the consumer’s side.

DYM Resources can offer petroleum coke from every producer of the former USSR countries market, including but not limited to Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Tatneft, Antipink refinery and Turkmenbashy refinery.

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the demand for petroleum coke outpaces the production which was affected by OPEC+ deal. Russian refinery as well as many others have cut their running rates significantly due to lower crude oil supplies and difficulties to sell jet fuel and gasoline. Decrease running rates led to the shortage in petroletum coke and base oils market where DYM Resources is focused on. DYM Resources has a long-term contract with Russian producers which allows the company to offer its clients the product in times of shortage.

Please contact us via our website www.dymresources.com in case you have any petrolatum coke inquiry.

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