Tatneft starts VHVI-6 loadings

20.05.2022 News
Tatneft starts VHVI-6 loadings

Tatneft started production of Group III 6 cSt base oil (VHVI-6) at the TANECO refinery in Nizhnekamsk. After the installation of the furnace and vacuum column, in addition to the previously produced base oils 2 cSt and 4 cSt, it became possible to produce 6 cSt grade. 

According to Argus Media, the nominal crude oil primary refining capacity of the TANECO refinery is 13 million tonnes per year. Last year the refinery processed 12.46 million tons of crude oil, compared to 11.35 million tons in 2020. The annual capacity of the TANECO refinery is 250,000 tonnes. 

The Tatneft’s VHVI-6 base oil (TANECO base 6) has a high viscosity index, excellent low-temperature properties, and low evaporating loss of a lubricating oil.  


  • Viscosity index: more than 135
  • Pour point, ºС: less than -15
  • NOACK, wt%: less than 8%

Base oils 6 cSt can be used to produce premium motor oils. Other possible applications are pharmacology, medicine, cosmetology and food industry. There is a great demand for this grade both in the domestic and the export markets because of supply imbalance: for a long time the only available grade was VHVI-4.  

DYM Resources delivers Group III base oil all over the world, including such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, and others.  

To find out more about the product and get Group 3 base oil specifications please contact our sales department: info@dymresources.com or fill in the form on our website


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