Russia’s Afipsky refinery plan to build coker by 2020

11.11.2021 News
Russia’s Afipsky refinery plan to build coker by 2020

Afipsky refinery located in Krasnodar region with crude oil refinery capacity 6 mln t/yr plans to build coking unit by 2020, as per media reports.

The refinery is located just 130km north from Novorossiysk port, where DYM Resources reloading petroleum coke for Turkish market. Exact coker capacity and technology are not yet disclosed.

Afipsky Refinery is expected to produce petcoke with sulphur content below 3% due to its crude oils sources.

“Petroleum coke is in high demand in Black Sea market and most of Afipsky green petcoke will end up in export market” – DYM Resources senior petroleum coke trader Yury Burenco comments.

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