Russian base oil exports rose 21% in December

11.11.2021 News
Russian base oil exports rose 21% in December

After an 11-percent drop in November, Russian base oil exports grew by 21% in December. This volatile year with a shortage of supplies ended on a positive note for export: Russia loaded 123’000 tons of base oils overseas, the highest volume in twelve months.  

Base oil exports from Black Sea keep growing – from 21’000 tons in November to 28’000 tons in December, which is 33% more and the highest figure in almost one year.  

Having dropped by 17% in November, Baltics exports grew by 7% – in December the volume was up from 39’000 tons to 42’000 tons.  

Overland base oil exports from Russia increased by 22% comparing to the month before. Exports to Belarus and Lithuania grew by 43% and 46%, respectively.  

Exports to Kazakhstan on the contrary were twice as low as in November on seasonally low demand during cold period of the year.

Lukoil rail exports from Volgograd reached 23’000 tons comparing to 21’000 tons in the previous month. Base oil exports from Perm and Novokuibyshevsk rose 21% and 29%, respectively. Lukoil’s refinery in Perm is expected to drop base oil output in March. 

Rosneft is planning to start maintenance at its Novokuibyshevsk refinery from the end of March till the first half of May and will probably resume its base oil exports in June. 

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