Russian Base Oil Exports keep increasing – 10% more in September

11.11.2021 News
Russian Base Oil Exports keep increasing – 10% more in September

After reaching 98’000 tons in August, Russian base oil exports grew to 108’000 tons in September which is 10% more than the month before. It’s the highest number since March this year and almost twice as much as in September 2020.  

Lukoil river exports from Volgograd increased 25% comparing to August volumes. Total base oil exports from Volgograd in August were 25’000 tons.  

After 65% drop in August, exports to Kaliningrad grew almost 3 times in September – from 7’000t to 19’000. Lukoil operates base oils terminal in Kaliningrad and is the only supplier there. 

Base oil exports to Riga, in contrary, decreased twice to 17’000t on lower loading from Rosneft, Gazprom and Tatneft refineries. 

Base oil exports from Black Sea slightly decreased in September, dropping 10% in comparison to August.  

Russian domestic base oil supplies reached 128’000 tons in September after only 120’000 tons in August.  

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