Russian Base Oil Exports grow 5% in October

11.11.2021 News
Russian Base Oil Exports grow 5% in October

Russian base oil exports grew to 114’000 tons in October which is 5% higher compared to September. It’s the highest number since January this year and 33% more than in October 2020. It’s also the biggest October volume since at least 2015.  

Lukoil decreased river exports from Volgograd by 34% after growth of 5% in September. Lukoil rail exports stayed almost the same month on month. Total base oil exports from Volgograd in October were 21’000 tons which is 21% less than the month before.   

Base oil exports to Riga grew 49% in October, that contrasts with 50% decrease in September. Total rail loading to Latvian inland station rose twice to 5’330 tons.  

Russian domestic base oil supplies increased from 128’000 tons in September to 123’000 tons in October.  

Exports of base oils from Nizhnekamsk, Ufa, and Omsk grew 40%, 45%, and 80% respectively.  

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