New Addition to DYM Resources Product Portfolio

29.04.2024 News
New Addition to DYM Resources Product Portfolio

DYM Resources has recently begun distributing CELLOSIZE™. These materials are used to prepare solutions with a broad spectrum of viscosities, ranging from moderate viscosities with typical colloidal properties to maximum viscosities with minimal dissolved solids. In workover and completion fluids, CELLOSIZE™ acts as a viscosifier.

It assists oil producers in providing clear, low-solids fluids that help reduce damage to formations. Fluids thickened with CELLOSIZE™  can be easily broken down with acids, enzymes, or oxidizing agents to maximize hydrocarbon recovery potential.

Industries that could benefit from using CELLOSIZE™ include Adhesives, Agriculture, Building & Construction, Care Chemicals, Coatings, and Lubricant Formulation.

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