Meet DYM Resources at Transport Logistic Munich conference

04.05.2023 News
Meet DYM Resources at Transport Logistic Munich conference

DYM Resources is going to attend the International Exhibition for logistics, mobility and supply chain management on May 9–12, 2023 which will take place in Trade Fair Center Messe München. This time our company will be represented by our Logistics Manager Ekaterina Baumann.

The Campus Plaza will be a hub for innovation and collaboration, featuring expert talks and interactive workshops on topics such as sustainability and alternative drives. The exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for us to connect with peers, learn about new products and services.

The 4 days agenda will cover topics, including automation and digitalization in logistics, sustainable mobility solutions, and supply chain resilience. Very valuable presentations will be held on first day, here are some examples: Sustainable Solutions in European Rail Freight Transport, reduce enterprise shipping costs and shrink carbon footprint with data-driven, cloud-based technology, Sustainability in Supply Chain Visibility. 

DYM Resources offers a range of high-quality base oils of Groups I, II and III with various viscosities starting from VHVI-2, VHVI-4 to VHVI-6 and VHVI-8, which meet the needs of various industries and applications. In addition to supplying base oils products, we also offer a range of related services, including logistics management and market analysis.  

We would like to collaborate at the upcoming International Exhibition. To schedule a meeting and explore potential partnership opportunities, please contact us via

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