Hyundai Oilbank starts Group II BS-150 sales

09.11.2022 News
Hyundai Oilbank starts Group II BS-150 sales

Korean producer of Group II base oils started sales of group II heavy grade with viscosity of around 35 cSt at 100C and 480 cSt at 40 C. DYM Resources can quote the product to its clients as of 8th November 2022. Group II BS-150  is in high demand globally due to its high viscosity index, which is above 110 points and water white colour (less than 0,5 according to ASTM D 1500 method).  

The refiner can produce “several hundred tons” per month and can load product in flexies.

“We are also supplying Group II bright stock from GS Caltex. Now we have alternative supply sources to guarantee availability, in time deliveries and best prices for our clients worldwide” – Denis Varaksin, base oils Director of DYM Resources GmbH commented.

As all group II products, BS-150 from Hyundai has high saturates content of above 99% and good oxidation stability. That improves quality of end products where this bright stock can be used.

Group II BS-150 base oils is a cost-effective high viscosity base stock which ran short after Group I refineries closers happened worldwide in the last 20 years. Until recently Group II base oils units were not able to produce this grade and heaviest grade was 600N, while in Group III units the heaviest grade is 8 cSt.

Hyundai Oilbank also export 150N and 500N Group II base oils, the refinery can also produce 100N, 220N and 300N grades.

DYM Resources supplies wide range of base oils from 30+ refineries globally in flexies and bulk, including Group I, Group II and Group III base oils with all viscosities. For Group II bright stock or other base oils grades, please request via our website of email

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