First shipment of D760 from China to Europe

20.12.2023 News
First shipment of D760 from China to Europe

In August 2023 DYM Resources has delivered first full container of D760 viscosity modifier (HS Code 400299) of Chinese origin to Europe and successfully customed cleared. The first shipment included packing of 16 pallets in 20’feet container (9,36 tons is the weight of full container), packed in 13 kg bags, 45 bags were on the pallet. D760 viscosity modifier has reached registration and is imported in EU with 0% import tax.

D760 viscosity modifier is a high molecular weight polymer with styrene content of 6.0-7.5%wt. It`s functionality is derived from their thickening efficiency, viscosity–temperature relationship, and shear stability. The product is produced by the plant in China with availability of powder form.

Key properties of D760 properties are:

Improved Viscosity Index (VI): D760 increases the VI of a fluid. A higher VI indicates that the fluid’s viscosity changes less with temperature fluctuations. This combats the tendency of the oil to become thin at high temperature.

Enables the engine to start (crank) at low temperatures, as measured by cold cranking simulator viscosity (CCS).

High Purity

Shear stability, high shear-rate (HTHS) viscosity

D760 is qualified with good solubility and can be dissolved in solvent refined mineral oil, hydrogenated base oil and total synthetic oil. The kinematic viscosity (kv100) of the liquid gel obtained by dissolving 10%of the product in 150n base oil is 1000-1400mm2gs.  

DYM Resources is your reliable partner for sourcing and supplying the advanced viscosity modifier D760 in Europe. To enquire more information about the product, contact us via

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