Fergana refinery limits base oils loading due to maintenance

11.11.2021 News
Fergana refinery limits base oils loading due to maintenance

According to its representative, Fergana Oil Refinery in Uzbekistan partially closed for maintenance: 

“The plant is partially under repair and no new product is being produced at the moment, so we are shipping off leftovers. We are planning to resume operations in early July”.

Another source, close to refinery, said that that there could be no new sales of base oil in July due to high domestic demand and long-term contracts. The Fergana refinery is the only base oils producer in Uzbekistan that has been operating since 1959. The design capacity of the processing plant is 5.5 million tons of oil per year. Fergana Oil Refinery is one of the two enterprises for producing fuel and lubricants in Central Asia region along with Turkmenbashy refinery in Turkmenistan. 

Fergana Refinery exports base oil grades similar to SN 100, SN 150, SN 240 and SN 500. The main destination markets are Central Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey. Base oils product capacity is estimated in different sources from 100,000 tons per year to 400,000 tons per year. Fergana has struggled for years to reach full operational capacity due to the lack of available feedstock. 

Fergana Refinery also produces more than 900 tons of slack wax a month, as well as 100 tons of paraffin T1 and petrolatum. Slack wax of Uzbekistan has a light color and a low melting point, which makes it a good source for candle production. There is a high demand in slack wax among candle manufacturers especially in Poland and Lithuania. 

DYM Resources is buying base oils and slack wax at the Uzbek commodity exchange, organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. DYM Resources can offer base oils from the Fergana refinery in rail tank cars or flexi-containers. To get more information or receive a quote, please send us your request to info@dymresources.com.

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