Fergana refinery is up for sale

11.11.2021 News
Fergana refinery is up for sale

The Fergana oil refinery, the second largest refinery in Uzbekistan in terms of refining volumes, has been put up for sale again. The announcement was posted on the website of the investment company UzAssets. The application process is open to all interested parties. 

The Fergana oil refinery has been operating since 1959. Now the enterprise produces 60 types of oil products, fuels and lubricants. In 2020, the refinery processed over 900,000 tons of crude oil and produced 822,000 tons of petroleum products. According to different sources, the base oils product capacity of the refinery is between 100,000 tons per year and 400,000 tons per year. Last year revenues of the Fergana refinery amounted to $231 million, gross profit – $54 million. 

DYM Resources is buying base oils from the Fergana refinery, organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with top-quality logistics and flexible payment terms. We can offer the following grades: 

I-12A, I-20A, I-30A, I-40A and I-50A which are equivalents of SN100, SN150, SN-250, SN-350 and SN-500 accordingly. 

DYM Resources can offer base oils from the Fergana refinery in rail tank cars or flexi-containers. To get more information or receive a quote, please send us your request to info@dymresources.com 

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