Fergana base oils got REACH certification

05.06.2024 News
Fergana base oils got REACH certification

The base oils producer at Uzbekistan’s Fergana refinery, has successfully completed the registration process under the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals) procedure. DYM Resources can supply base oils produced by the Fergana Refinery worldwide.

This is great news for the European market, as the base oils from the Fergana refinery can now be sold to customers all over Europe.

By passing the European procedure, the base oils of the Fergana Refinery were recognized as meeting ECHA requirements for SN (solvent neutral) type oils of viscosity 150 and 350. This certification allows SN-150 and SN-350 products produced by the refinery to enter the European market. Fergana refinery also produces SN100, SN500 and SN900 base oils as well as slack wax and paraffin.

As the fundamental partner DYM Resources remains committed to staying updated with the latest news to provide our customers with fast and affordable solutions in base oil delivery.

DYM Resources also have own REACH registration for Group I, Group II and Group III base oils to be able to import into European Union. 

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