DYM started petcoke shipments in containers

19.06.2017 News
DYM started petcoke shipments in containers

DYM Resources has loaded first containerized shipment of petroleum coke from Russia. The product was packed into 1Mt big bags and shipped to the client in Ireland. This is first shipment of packed petcoke from Russia as well as first containerized shipment.

DYM Resources is proud to announce that now can ship all kinds of petcoke (anode / fuel, green / calcined) to small and medium clients around the Globe from land-locked ex-USSR refineries. Following packing options are possible for container shipments:

  • Big bags in 20’dc/40’dc
  • Bulk in 20’dc with liner bag inside.
“Such shipments will be effective for consumers in Mediterranean region, Africa, Middle East, India, China and South East Asia. Shipments from 500 Mt and reaches up to 3.000-4.000 will be cost-competitive in container” – Yury Burenko, director of petroleum coke division at DYM Resources says.

Containerized shipments allow to deliver cargoes right to the client facility and in time which could be a good tool to reduce stock and control quality product during delivery. This could be especially popular mean of transport for calcined petroleum coke and expensive low suplphur petroleum coke – these two products are more sensitive to contamination risk compared to fuel petcoke grades.

DYM Resources specializes on petroleum coke trading, working with low, medium and high Sulphur petroleum coke. The company can deliver product by rail, dry bulk vessels, trucks and in containers.

For petcoke enquiries please contact us: www.dymresources.com or info@dymresources.com

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