DYM Resources Starts Sales of Benzene, Paraxylene

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources Starts Sales of Benzene, Paraxylene

DYM Resources has started selling benzene (BZ) and paraxylene (PX) produced in Russian and other CIS refineries.

Benzene and paraxylene are two of the most widely used aromatics. The main application of benzene is styrene monomer synthesis, while paraxylene is chiefly used in polyester production.

Paraxylene exports from Russia have been quite stable in the last three years, averaging 125’000 tons annually.

At the same time, Russian benzene exports are very new to the market. In 2017, Russian petrobenzene exports rose to nearly 97’000 tons, up from zero only a year before.

petro-BZ and PX exports from Russia, Mt

DYM Resources expects that petrobenzene and paraxylene exports from former USSR markets will continue rising in 2018 and 2019 due to new production units coming into operation.

DYM Resources is an international trading company, focused on providing high-quality services in petrochemical supplies.

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