DYM Resources starts loading Thai brightstock

30.11.2022 News
DYM Resources starts loading Thai brightstock

We are happy to announce the new partnership Thailand market champion Thai Lube. DYM Resources started export deliveries of brightstock (BS-150) in 4th quarter 2022.

Thai Lube has a capacity of approximately 270,000 tons per year of base oils and 350,000 tons/year of Bitumen. The base oils unit produces group I base oils: SN150, SN500 and BS-150.

Thai base oils has very light colour and low sulphur content. DYM Resources export bright stock base oils in flexi-bags. The company has already loaded base oils to its African and Latin American customers.

DYM Resources supplies wide range of base oils from 30+ refineries globally in flexies and bulk, including Group I, Group II and Group III base oils with all viscosities. For Group II brightstock or other base oils grades, please request via our website of email info@dymresources.com

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