DYM Resources started DETA loadings

22.12.2023 News
DYM Resources started DETA loadings

Since fourth quarter 2023 DYM Resources has begun DETA (Diethylenetriamine) deliveries to our customers in Europe. The product is coming from Belgian facility of DOW Chemical.

“Starting to work with DOW Chemicals is a big step for us, sign of trust from the major chemical company” – DYM Resources managing director Denis Varaksin says.

Diethylenetriamine, often abbreviated as DETA, is a chemical compound with a relatively low molecular weight. It contains two primary nitrogen atoms and one secondary nitrogen atom. This substance is clear, colorless, possesses an odor reminiscent of ammonia and is a single-component product.

Diethylenetriamine has a wide range of applications:

  • Lube oil additives
  • Waterproof resins
  • Textile softeners
  • Nylon polymers
  • Fuel additives

Among main DETA features are: minimal vapor pressure, high viscosity, reduced environmental harm, resilient under adverse conditions. DETA functions as a concrete anti-shrinking agent, effectively reducing surface tension and minimizing shrinkage and cracking as water naturally evaporates from concrete mixtures.

Since Diethylenetriamine`s transportation can be quite tricky, DYM Resources offers shipping with iso-tanks to comply with safety standarts and ensures compliance with environmental regulations. 

DETA has the HS Code 2921 29 00 90 

Contact us via info@dymresources to enquire more about specific product information or information regarding shipping to your region.

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