DYM Resources started bitumen supplies for the 2021 asphalt paving season

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources started bitumen supplies for the 2021 asphalt paving season

Due to the prolonged winter and cold weather, this year the construction season in the Baltic states starts later than usual. Most of the asphalt plants in Estonia and Finland have postponed the start of work until May. However, some plants in Latvia and Lithuania started test runs.  

DYM Resources recently started expanding into the Baltic region: in February we registered as a VAT payer in Finland and Estonia. It allowed DYM Resources to start the asphalt paving season with our first delivery of Russian bitumen to Finland. We also delivered Russian PMB to Lithuania.  

Price-wise this season’s start is totally different from the previous one. In comparison with last year, the prices for PMB and bitumen increased considerably because the oil and the fuel oil prices got higher. Here are the latest HSFO 3.5% quotes: 

  • $143 on 17.04.2020 
  • $326 on 30.12.2020 
  • $370 on 16.04.2021

DYM Resources acts as importer in all Baltic countries and in Finland, delivering customs cleared bitumen products to its customers. We offer the liquid product in tank trailers, tanker shipment by sea and the packaged product in clovertainers. The following grades are available: 

  • Bitumen 70/100 
  • Bitumen 50/70 
  • Bitumen 160/220 
  • PMB 65/105-60 
  • PMB 45/80-55 
  • PMB 45/80-65 
  • PMB 25/55-60 
  • Vacuum residue 
  • Tailored-made grades as per Buyer’s target specifications 

DYM Resources offers EN-certified bitumen to their clients all over the world. For more information feel free to contact us via email: info@dymresources.com 

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