DYM Resources renewed ISCC certificate

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources renewed ISCC certificate

Last year DYM Resources made an important step in sustainable products trading by obtaining an ISCC certificate. ISCC (the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a multi-stakeholder initiative governed by an association with 140+ members and approved by the European Commission. The mission of ISCC is to contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

ISCC certification can cover all types of biomass including waste and residues. There is a list of raw materials qualified for ISCC certification and DYM Resources’s portfolio includes the products from this list — fatty acids, used cooking oil (UCO) entirely of veg. origin, Animal Fats for industrial processing.

DYM Resources got first certified by ISCC in October 2019. This year we proudly updated this status: from a «trader» we now qualify as «Collecting Point (waste/residue material not grown/harvested on farms/plantations), Trader».

«As a formal requirement and for the purpose of a harmonised description of materials, ISCC keeps a list of all raw materials eligible for certification according to ISCC. On this list, ISCC indicates the materials, which qualify for certification according to the ISCC certification process for waste and residues (in the following referred to as ISCC w/r process)» — ISCC website.

To requalify for the certification, DYM Resources had to be audited by an external controller. The audit process included:

  • checking all relevant business processes in our company;
  • getting information and certificates from our partners;
  • document circulation and storage of information on operations with relevant products.

We are very happy to make our business more environmentally friendly and look forward to trading more sustainable materials in the future!

DYM Resources provides supply chain services including sourcing, marketing, logistics, distribution, financing, quality control and technical support in the following industries: lubricants and base oils, bitumen, waxes, petroleum coke and fatty acids. DYM Resources operates in Europe, China, Russia and CIS countries like Belarus and Turkmenistan as well as Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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