DYM Resources receives clearance to export LPG

16.06.2023 News
DYM Resources receives clearance to export LPG

DYM Resources has obtained official clearance from BAFA to export butane gas in May 2023, the company announced. BAFA stands for the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control in Germany.

In June 2023 DYM Resources loaded its first rail train or about 1000 tons of butane for export from Germany. The company plans to develops its butane export program further. 

Butane gas is used in a raw material for petrochemicals or as a motor fuel along with propane gas. Demand for butane increases in the summer as it can be mixed up 50% to propane-butane gas fuel, while in winter time demand from automotive sector is lower.

Butane is heavier than propane and does not affect the ozone layer, making it environmentally friendly and low toxic.

Benefits and uses of butane gas

Easy To Use: Normal butane has multiple uses, including gasoline blending, fuel gas, fragrance extraction solvent, both alone and in combination with propane, and as a raw material for the production of ethylene and butadiene, essential components in synthetic rubber.

Fast Burn: Butane lights up immediately when ignited, providing with maximum heat output almost instantly. 

Effective Energy Source: Butane produces approximately 12% more energy than propane.

Cost-Effective: Butane is slightly more affordable to purchase compared to propane.

It may be transported as liquids in mixtures of HGLs or as separate HGL purity products in pipelines, rail cars, trucks, ships, and barges. 

DYM Resources adds one more product to its portfolio or oil products and petrochemicals. You can inquire about specific details, pricing, availability, and any other relevant information related to their products or logistic services by contacting us via info@dymresources.com.

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