DYM Resources purchased SN350 base oil from Turkmenistan

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources purchased SN350 base oil from Turkmenistan

DYM Resources has bought 700 tons of base oil SN 350 from Turkmenistan commodity exchange for April, May and June 2022 loadings. Turkmenistan usually exports SN 150, SN 350 and SN 500 base oil grades.

The recent purchase was made as a part of DYM Resources’ diversification strategy. Lately, exports from Russia almost ceased to exist due to the sanctions from the EU and the US. DYM Resources focuses on sourcing base oils from different regions: Central Asia, Europe and Asia.

DYM Resources has been working with Turkmenistan for the last 6 years sourcing high quality oil products (base oils, petroleum coke and slack waxes) at a reasonable price. A plant in Turkmenbashi is operated by state-owned Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. The Turkmen refinery has capacity to make about 80,000 t/y of Group I base oils.

SN 350 is medium grade base oil used in lubricant and lubricant additives production, mainly for industrial applications. The main benefits of Turkmenistan base oils are low sulphur content, high viscosity index, high oxidation stability and good susceptibility to the additives.

DYM Resources is buying base oils organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. DYM Resources can offer base oils from Turkmenistan in IBC, ISO tanks, rail tank cars, trucks or flexi-containers. To get more information or receive a quote, please send us your request via website or to info@dymresources.com 

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