DYM Resources is Now a Calcined Petcoke Exporter

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources is Now a Calcined Petcoke Exporter

Adding to its wealth of niche oil product distribution experience and expertise, DYM Resources is now a calcined petcoke exporter.

The independent global trading firm DYM Resources loaded its first cargo of calcined petroleum coke with a sulphur content below 3 percent from Russia in November 2016, the company reports.

“This is a unique deal, as during the last ten years, Russia was a net-importer of calcined petroleum coke due to high demand for this product from the aluminum and graphite industries,” DYM Resources director of petcoke operations Yury Burenko said.

DYM Resources is the first calcined petcoke exporter to distribute the product in liners in open-top rail wagons, which protects the product from ash and moisture. This is especially important during the winter period.

“We’re seeing a positive reaction from our buyers and plan to develop this operation in the most cost-effective way,” Burenko added.

DYM Resources offers a full range of calcined petcoke with different sulphur contents, from 0.6 percent up to 3 percent. The company works with Russian, Turkmeni, Kazakhstani, Romanian and other petroleum cokes.

To inquire about calcined petroleum coke from DYM Resources, please contact us online or email info@dymresources.com

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