DYM Resources got Lithuanian VAT registration

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources got Lithuanian VAT registration

DYM Resources recently completed the registration as a Value Added Tax (VAT) payer in Lithuania. In addition to that, the company has been previously registered as a VAT taxpayer in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Germany, where DYM Resources is headquartered.  

Yury Burenko, Managing Director of DYM Resources, says that getting VAT number in Lithuania is a part of DYM’s strategy of expanding the business in the Baltic region.

“We are very happy to become a VAT payer in Lithuania. It will let us serve our clients in these regions even better and more efficiently. It concerns all of our product groups including bitumen, biofuel feedstocks, base oils and lubricants”. – Mr. Burenko said. 

DYM Resources is an international trading company focused on niche oil products from the CIS countries. DYM Resources offers such products as bitumen, biofuel feedstocks, petroleum coke, base oils and lubricants to their clients all over the world. For your enquiry, please contact our sales department via email: info@dymresources.com

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