DYM Resources doubled petrolatum deliveries in 2021

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources doubled petrolatum deliveries in 2021

DYM Resources delivered more than twice as much petrolatum than in the year before by trucks/tank containers – in 2021 the amount of purchased petrolatum was 1700 tons, while in 2020 the amount stood at 800 tons.  

Petrolatum sales rose because of recovery in demand and production in 2021. Volumes from many suppliers of petrolatum got reduced mostly because of COVID-19 pandemics in 2020 as a result of low demand for oil products during lockdowns. Refineries had to adjust running rates and decrease by-products productions such as slack waxes and petrolatum.

DYM Resources increased sales of delivered and customed cleared Petrolatum in 2021 and almost stopped selling the product in rail tank cars at Polish border. The company focused on door to door delivery with most value added.  

2021 was a challenging year for petrolatum market. Since the beginning of 2021, Petrolatum prices have risen by 50%. One of the reasons for the price increase was the fact that raw material prices went up along with processing costs.  

Shipment costs went up 30% for petrolatum deliveries from Russian border to Western European clients in 2021. The increase of gas prices influenced transhipment costs. Petrolatum is heated up at a terminal on gas or fuel oil, so it affected the price growth. Diesel price increase pushed prices for truck freights up.

Petrolatum (CAS number 8009-03-8) is a by-product of petroleum refining. Normally it has from light brown to dark brown colour and is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, shipping, construction, cosmetics, and other industries. 

DYM Resources is a trading company from Germany that sells niche oil products. Our main focus is base oils and waxes, including petrolatum. DYM Resources is buying the product from trusted suppliers in Russia and sells it to its clients in Central Europe. You can find more information and the product specification on our website. If you have more questions about the product or would like to receive your quote, please send your request to info@dymresources.com or fill in the form on our product page.

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