DYM Resources dispatches petcoke in containers to China

11.11.2021 News
DYM Resources dispatches petcoke in containers to China

DYM Resources is the first buyer to purchase petcoke from Omsk refinery to ship it in containers to consumers in China. DYM Resources already has experience in containerization – we have been using this shipping method for petcoke for a few years now with various customers worldwide. It allows us to make small shipments of specific quality petcokes. 

The product is transshipped from wagons to containers at one of the southern terminals of Russia and shipped to the consumer in China. Both the product and the container are protected from contamination with a polymer lining film inside, a so called liner bag.  

DYM Resources specializes on petroleum coke trading, working with low, medium, and high sulphur petcokes. We can deliver the product by rail, dry bulk vessels, trucks and in containers. 

For petcoke enquiries please contact us via info@dymresources.com

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