DYM Resources develops base oils sources from sustainable producers

05.04.2023 News
DYM Resources develops base oils sources from sustainable producers

DYM Resources has started buying base oils from Avista Oil in 2022. Avista is a pioneering German firm committed to sustainable practices in the oil industry. The refinery has developed a patented, waste-free refining process that transforms used oil into base oils and high-quality lubricants.

DYM Resources is proud to supply regenerated oils such as KS 100 (SN100 base oil) and KS 150 (SN150 base oil). These environmentally-conscious products align with our commitment to increasing the sale of sustainable oils and catering to our clients’ demand for eco-friendly solutions. Avista runs two refineries in Denmark and Germany. The re-refinery in Kalundborg operates at a yearly capacity of 100,000 tons of used lubricant oils. Germany’s Avista Oil intends to increase the production capacity of Group III re-refined oil at its Dollbergen location in Germany by 2024.

From a sustainability perspective, KERNSOLVAT base oils, produced by Avista, are unique: they contribute to the fact that over 30% less CO2-eq is emitted than this is the case with the conventional production of base oil from primary refining.

The oil industry is under pressure to adopt greener alternatives for a sustainable future. At DYM Resources, we remain relentless in our pursuit of forging relationships with refineries that prioritize the collection and recycling used oil. Currently, we work with seven European re-refineries that share our dedication to making a positive environmental impact.

Within last 12 months, DYM Resources also started to purchase Group II and Group III base oils from another re-refinery in Germany — Puraglobe. Two of Puraglobe`s plants are located in Germany, and another one with similar features is being built in Tampa, Florida. Their  plant in Elsteraue in Germany has a capacity to produce 50,000 t/yr of Group II and 120,000 t/yr of Group III base oils. According to Puraglobe, using their recycled base oils can cut carbon emissions by 80% in the refining process when compared to regular products.

To make an inquiry for sustainable base oils, kindly reach out to us at info@dymresources.com. Our team of experts is always on standby to provide prompt and professional assistance to ensure your needs are met.

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