Best wishes for 2023 from DYM Resources

23.12.2022 News
Best wishes for 2023 from DYM Resources

We are not going to repeat that 2022 was difficult — everyone has felt it enough and for DYM Resources this year was probably the most demanding year throughout our company`s history. A cascade of insane geopolitical events and various other calamities have resulted great shifts on the lubricant market, acute global shortages, price increases and factories closures. If earlier we used to talk about extended drain intervals, fuel efficiency and other technical issues, in 2022 our we tend to speak about solutions of product accessibility, sustainability and resilient supply lines. Doing business in this uncertain market environment and predicting the dynamics of our development seemed to us almost impossible.

But we managed this year! And we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all our partners and clients for cooperating, supporting and trusting to our company throughout the whole turbulent year! We are happy to continue all our existing business relationships and looking forward to get new companions on the market. 

«2022 was the most challenging. Base oils market was falling in January — February, then it became short and price went up driven by high crude oil prices and supply disruptions until September and during October-December prices were falling. Despite that we manage to diversify our supplies and grow business in additives significantly» — Denis Varaksin, Director for Base Oils and Lubricants comments. „The hardest in 2022 was to find 4 cst Group III (VHVI-4) supplies, but we did well.”

This year DYM Resources has also strengthened our trust relationship with banks, what we value highly. According to our Financial Director Timur Babadzhanov in the next year we have all chances to increase our sales and turnover by 8-10 %. Let`s hope that next year will be more favourable for market growth and increased supply, which will facilitate us trim our current relationships and attract new investors and creditors, which means we could offer even more flexible financing solutions to help our clients save their time and money.

Let 2023 be the most successful and business friendly year! 

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