Amur refinery plans to produce electrode quality petcoke

11.11.2021 News
Amur refinery plans to produce electrode quality petcoke

Amur refinery, which is being built by Chinese (90%) and Russian (10%) investors in Russia’s Amur region at the Far East, will be able to produce 1,5% sulphur as per current crude oil flows in the region, DYM Resources estimates.

Refinery with capacity of 6 mln tons of crude oil per year currently is facing issues to secure crude oil supplies as Russian oil majors and oil transport monopoly Transneft does not support the project: crude oil export is more profitable for them. Owners of the refinery secured only about 3 mln tons/yr of crude oils production from new oilfields and small producers.

First stage of Amur refinery was scheduled to start production in 2018 but then was postponed to 2019. Owners plans to invest in the project more than $2 billion within next seven years. The refinery may start low sulphur petroleum coke production in 2021-2023. This quality petcoke is in high demand in domestic market from aluminium industry.

DYM Resources is trading firm active in petroleum coke supplies out of Russia and ex-USSR countries. The company is working with low-sulphur and high sulphur petcokes.

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