DYM Resources loads petcoke from Novorossiysk

Niche oil products trading firm DYM Resources GmbH has loaded dry bulk tanker with petroleum coke from Novorossiysk in February 2017.

“We are happy to further diversify our load port portfolio with Novorossiysk deep see port”, – senior petroleum coke trader at DYM Resources Yuri Burenko commented. “Now we have more flexibility to reach our clients not only in Black Sea region but ship 20’000-40’000 tons cargoes to Mediterranean or Middle East markets”, – he added.

DYM Resources has loaded Russian petroleum coke with sulphur content below 4% to Turkey.

The company exporting petroleum coke with sulphur content from 0,6% to 5% to Black Sea and China. DYM supplies cement and aluminium industries with raw materials in rail tank cars as well as by tanker vessels.

For cooperation in petroleum coke or other niche oil products please send us request to info@dymresources.com or contact us via website www.dymresources.com