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DYM Resources comments on Belarus base oil exports route change

Lubes’n’Greases, a well-known magazine about the global lubricants industry, published an article about the alternation of the route for petrochemical exports of Belarus. DYM Resources’s managing director Denis Varaksin has commented on the topic.   

Belarus has recently changed its petrochemical exports route starting to use ports of Russia instead of Latvia and Lithuania. The main reloading port for base oils and lubricants is now Ust-Luga, Russia’s Baltic port located 173 kilometers west of St. Petersburg. 

The main base oil refinery of Belarus, OAO Naftan, with a capacity of 200 000 tons of base oils per year, produces API Group I base oils and finished lubricants and, together with the other Belarusian refinery in Mazyr, exports around 11 million tons of petrochemical products per year. They used to export their products through the ports of Riga and Liepaja in Latvia and the port of Klaipeda in Lithuania. 

Denis Varaksin told Lube Report that now Ukraine is likely to become the main export destination for Belarus: 

“Generally speaking, Ukraine is the primary destination for Belarus base oils and lubricants, followed by Latvia and Lithuania,” says Varaksin.  

Varaksin predicts that the prices for the export of Belarusian petrochemical products through Russia will grow massively “because of the higher railway transportation expenditures, and more expensive reloads in Ust-Luga”.  

Read the full article by Boris Kamchev on Lubes’n’Greases website.  

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