Meet DYM Resources at Uniti Congress in Stuttgart

11.11.2021 Conference
Meet DYM Resources at Uniti Congress in Stuttgart

DYM Resources Team is going to participate at UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress 2022 to discuss current trends and future developments in the industry. The congress is taking place in Stuttgart on the 29-31th of  August. Our Trader Galina Kurasheva and Project Manager Evgenia Dovgan will represent DYM Resources Company. 

This time, there will be discussed a plenty of exciting topics relating to the future of the German lubricants industry. Base oils producers, additives companies, lubricants manufacturers and distributors will meet to discuss future of mobility, ecological challenges, new quality standards, supply chain issues and future of lube industry in general. Among speakers will be such companies as BASF, Lubrizol, Rowe, Toyota, Total, Puraglobe, Lanxess, Fuchs Lubricants, Mercedes-Benz, Evonik and many others. 

The UNITI Mineral Oil Congress will be a good opportunity for all participants to inform themselves fast and easily about innovations, future demands and developments to push ahead both the personal and the company’s success.

To meet DYM Resources at the event, please contact us to schedule an appointment: 

DYM Resources is a trading company, focused on base oil and additives supplies from more than 50 producers globally. We can offer Group I, Group II and Group III base oils, as well PAO, PIB, viscosity modifiers and other crucial components for lubricants industry. 

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